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Theremin virtuoso Pamelia Stickney and top Greek musical saw soloist Nikos Giousef unite their otherworldly tone colours. Accompanied by Irene Tiniakou at the piano and the electric organ, and George Katsanos at the analogue synthesizer, they offer a novel listening experience in pre-classical works by Purcell, Handel, and Bach. Romantic works by Rachmaninoff and Massenet; and modern works by Stravinsky, Bartók, Messiaen, and Sfetsas.

The group will go one step further: in collaboration with Tilemachos Moussas at the electric guitar, they will proceed to an improvisational finale.

Pamelia Stickney theremin / pedal effects
Nikos Giousef musical saw / pedal effects
Irene Tiniakou piano / electric organ

George Katsanos analogue synth// idiophones/ samples
Tilemachos Moussas guitar / pedal effects  (guest)



Musicological and historical introduction to the musical saw and the theremin; their relationship to each other, their ‘vocal’ potential, and the practice of using them in classical as well as modern works. Participants will have the chance to experiment with the above instruments, with the assistance of the musicians.

Nikos Giousef
Pamelia Stickney
Musicological Introduction
Irene Tiniakou

16 February 2020

Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall  

Megaron Athens concert hall

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